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  • About Us

    The Westerly Family Centre is a community based not for profit organisation that is located on the coast in Rockingham, 47km to the south of Perth.  The Westerly Family Centre was founded on the 27th October in 1990, by the then Premier of Western Australia, Dr Geoff Gallop. We are managed by a volunteer committee and receive funding from the Department of Communities.

    Our Mission at Westerly is to connect with and strengthen the local community by providing a clean, safe facility to operate a wide range of diverse programs to help achieve positive life outcomes.  We aim to do this by following these main objectives:

    • To provide a safe meeting place for people in the Cooloongup/Rockingham area
    • To promote community involvement
    • To maintain a resource and information centre relevant to the needs of the community
    • Reduce social isolation
    • Identify needs of the community and act on those needs
    • Remain efficient and maintain an effective provision of services


    To learn more, please call (08)  9592 3650 or email info@westerlyfamilycentre.com.au

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